Holter Monitors


Holter monitor testing is done in order to observe cardiac irregularities, check pacemaker functioning or examine the effectiveness of heart medications. A Holter monitor is a machine that will record the rhythm of your heart for a 24 hour period or longer. The monitor is worn throughout the day and night in order to provide more data than a standard Electrocardiogram. The monitor is attached to your chest with electrodes and includes a small box that will record the data and store heart rhythm/rate numbers.

Holter monitoring is a noninvasive test and only takes about 15 minutes to be hooked up. There is no preparation necessary. While wearing your Holter monitor, you are encouraged to continue with your normal daily activities. Once monitoring begins, do not remove the monitor at all. You must however, avoid getting it wet. You will be instructed to keep a diary of your daily activities as you wear the monitor. We'll provide more specific instructions on how to maintain your diary during your appointment. The time frame for monitoring varies between 24 to 48 hours.

After the monitoring process, your doctor will compare the collected data with your diary to help determine an accurate diagnosis.

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